Reference Project

Client: Permanent Secretary Office, Ministry of Culture Thailand
Project: Data Center Modernization
Solution: Dell Blade Server / Consolidate SAN Storage / Vmware virtualization

Permanent Secretary Office of Ministry of Culture experience increasing IT burden by dated data center infrastructure, server sprawl and resource underutilization.

As long-time trusted IT partner of Ministry of Culture, NAS Comp been tasked to assist in the Ministry’s effort in modernizing Data Center and seamless migration of existing system to the new system.NAS Comp team of expert study and analyze daily workload of the existing system and propose Blade server with virtualization to Ministry. Through this effort, we managed to consolidate all dated server into Dell Blade server with 24 nodes and EqualLogic PS-4110 capable of hosting 300+ virtual machines.

Client is able to monitor and allocate necessary resource on the fly via vCenter console as well as physical server management via vCenter plugin.   
The new system design enables real-time replication and failover in the mind and reduces the service recovery time from hours to 5 minutes.

The entire project takes 3 months from award to implementation. NAS Comp host training for Ministry staff on administration and maintenance of new system before official project handle over. This project lay a solid foundation for the Ministry of Culture to adopt Cloud Solution in near future.   



Client: Horwang Secondary School

Project: Campus Network Implementation
Solution: Dell Power Connect/ SonicWall Firewall/ PRTG Network Monitoring

Horwang Public Secondary School established on 1966 in Chatuchak, Bangkok. Horwang school has around 4,500 student study and 255 school staffs. Horwang school management decide to implement new campus network in trends with latest ICT school education demand.          

The new campus network requires secured firewall and sophisticate network monitoring tool to protect school network from external security treat. The network monitoring tool must be also easy to managed by school IT staff with minimal effort.

NAS Comp propose SonicWall firewall with SoincWall analyzer and PRTG Network Monitoring along with Campus wide network implementation with total of 720 node, core switch and edge switch. PRTG network monitoring provide live network monitoring/alert and SonicWall analyzer enable detail network threat analysis report at-a-glance.

To minimize interruption to school operation, this project has to deliver within very tight schedule. Working closely with client, NAS Comp team managed to deliver the project within time frame and budget.     



Client: Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health
Project: Business Application Migration
Solution: Dell PowerEdge/ NAS storage

Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health enlisted NAS Comp to assist them in Business Application Migration from obsolete host platform. Among the challenge of project are to ensure application operation operate flawlessly on new platform and seamless migration of application and unstructured data into new NAS storage. 

Despite relatively small-scale project size, NAS Comp understand criticalness of this project to client. With help from Technology partner, NAS Comp team assist client to prepare POC environment and carry out rigorous test before actual project implementation.

Through effort of this project, NAS Comp earn customer’s trust and help them to delivery other ICT project.


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